Communication Skills Mentoring

Mentoring is for all!

At times in the work place, or going for an interview, we may need a bit of help to focus and be positive and confident. Lucienne can teach you new, and improve your current, communication skills. This has shown to be invaluable for success. For example, learning to look people in the eye, use a pause and be skilled at talking about what you want in a career or in a school placement such as Common Entrance.

Going for a scholarship in a large Public School can be daunting. However with training, and help to put a portfoilio together, you can have a new confidence and be given the best chance to succeed.

Even as a professional presentations, or going for a top job, can be a nerve wracking experience. Lucienne will teach you the skills that you need to take these events in your stride. Without the worry of how to present yourself, using what you have learned from her Communication Skills Mentoring, you can concentrate on the presentation itself.

Lucienne has worked successfully with many professionals in this scenario, including future bank managers and high profile managers. She has also mentored younger people who have applied for top places at top schools with great success.

At present, Lucienne is mentoring top Fashion students from Central St Martins College of Arts and Design, the most famous Art College in the world. She has also provided mentoring at the Hale Clinic, the Holistic Treatment Centre opened by HRH Princess Diana.